January 21, 2006

suicide attacks against ‘enemies of Islam

Iran’s president-elect Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad’s spiritual guide, Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Messbaah-Yazdi, is also the brains behind recruiting suicide bombers. He does so via ads placed in some of the Iranian daily papers.

Alireza Nourizadeh, Iranian scholar and Middle East and Islam pundit, reports in the London-based Arab-language newspaper, A-Sharq Al-Awsat....

that Yazdi’s adverts started being published in local Qom newspapers, such as partousokhan. Messbaah-Yazdi is regarded to be the spiritual guide of the Coalition of Hardliners in the Islamic Parliament’s assembly. The coalition’s chief and campaign manager for the women’s suicide-bombing missions, Elias Nadran, formed the Zeytoon organization six months ago for women who want to carry out suicide attacks against ‘enemies of Islam.’ The huge majority of the women volunteering have turned out to be Palestinian.

At this juncture, since 6 months ago when The Zeytoon organization began working, 3 large gatherings have been organized; one in the large and very depressing Tehran cemetery, Behesht’eh Zahra, the second in a cultural center/auditorium in Tehran, and finally and as recently as two weeks ago, in the northern city of Tabriz.

In a recent interview with Iranian scholar and Middle East pundit, Alireza Nourizadeh, Mohammad-Reza Sayyari, a young man who had at one point been a volunteer but whose curiosity had led him to investigate the propriety of such acts in Islam, speaks of the pie-in-the-sky promises made to the innocent and hopeless youths by Messbaah-Yazdi. Sayyari explains that Mesbaah-Yazdi promises the volunteers (both men and women) perpetual sexual stamina and the abundance of available men and women of various races and religions for these volunteers to enjoy, after death in heaven. Mr. Sayyari, who had spoken with Ayatollah Montazeri, the dissident Ayatollah, currently under house arrest in Qom, was told that such acts are considered haraam (or religiously prohibited and forbidden) and therefore had discouraged the young Sayyari from continuing with his decision to join.

Nourizadeh also reports that the volunteers are put through rigorous training in four camps funded and run by Al-Quds Brigade (a.k.a. The Jerusalem Brigade) and the Revolutionary Guard. The boot camp includes physical training, ideological indoctrination, building explosives, code-cracking classes, and finally foreign languages classes, specifically Arabic and English as well as many other ‘useful’ languages.

The terrorist-breeding regime of the Mullacracy has also now taken to pitching tents in the streets of Tehran in order to facilitate the registration process for those interested in joining up. An approximate 95% majority of those registering are in fact Iraqi, Syrian, Afghani and Palestinian. Iranians registering are recruited from among the poor.

She also reports on suicide bombers being spread all throughout Iran as a deterrent to growing violent protests against the regime:

The Islamic Republic’s support and funding for suicide bombers and missions are well-known facts to many. Now the Islamic Republic, in response to the stream of continued protests around Iran and clashes with protestors, has begun installing suicide bombers around the various provinces in Iran. The plans for creating and instructing brigades that are meant to be on constant alert are underway.

The Commander of the headquarters known as “Lovers of Martyrdom”, said in an interview with the regime publication Partow: “I have had numerous meetings with the Supreme Leader, Khamnei who enthusiastically provided us with his guidance. Of course in Tehran, we have stationed four such brigades, as opposed to the one in each of the other provinces.”

January 21, 2006 07:56 PM

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