August 25, 2017

تفسیر خبر جمعه ۳ شهریور

امشب در تفسير خبر / ايران فردا/ ٩.٣٠ تهران: نگاهي خواهيم داشت به تهديد فرمانده جديد ارتش ايران عليه اسرائيل، نقش سپاه در فساد مالی و بحران ميان تهران و واشنگتن. ميهمانان: آقايان عليرضا نوری زاده و حسن شريعتمداری هستند.
با اميد به فردائی بهتر

Behind the Headlines – Friday 25 August 2017
In tonight’s program of Behind the Headlines of IraneFard TV, broadcast at 9.30pm Tehran time, we will look at the latest threat by the chief of Iran’s armed forces against Israel; the role of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran’s corrupt economy, and instigating tension between Iran and the US.

Our guests to discuss these issues tonight are Mr Alireza Nourizadeh and Mr Hassan Shariatmadari.

With the hope of a better tomorrow for all.








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August 25, 2017 09:12 PM

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