September 09, 2017

تفسیر خبر جمعه ۱۷ شهریور‎

امشب در تفسير خبر / ايران فردا /٩.٣٠ تهران: پي آمدهاي ديدار تيم هاي ملي ايران و سوريه، ابراز نگراني رهبران آمريكا و كويت از ادامه دخالت ها ي ايران در منطقه، پول هایی كه دادگاه لاهه به ايران باز مي گرداند به جيب چه كساني مي رود. ميهمانان: آقايان عليرضا نوري زاده و مهران براتي هستند.
با اميد به فردائي بهتر

Behind the Headlines – Friday 8 September 2017
In tonight’s Behind the Headlines of IraneFarda TV, broadcast at 9.30pm Tehran time:

The aftermath of the football match between the national teams of Iran and Syria;

The latest expressions of concern by the American and Kuwaiti leaders about Iran’s continued nefarious interferences in the affairs of its neighbouring countries;

And, in whose pockets do the monies that are returned to Iran end up?

Our guests tonight to discuss these topics are Mr Alireza Nourizadeh and Mr Mehran Barati.

With the hope of a better tomorrow for all.








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