March 19, 2018

تفسیر خبر – جمعه ۲۵ اسفند

نگاهي به كارنامه جمهوري اسلامي در سال ١٣٩٦
آنچه جيمس متيس وزير دفاع آمريكا اخيرا در مورد حكومت ايران گفته است.
اخبار تازه در مورد فروپاشي دروني ساختار قدرت در ايران
امشب درتفسير خبر /ايران فردا /٩.٣٠ تهران
ميهمانان :آقايان عليرضا نوري زاده و حسن شريعتمداري
با اميد به فردائي بهتر

Behind the Headlines – Friday 16 March 2018
In tonight’s program of Behind the Headlines and on the last Friday of the Persian year of 1396, we will review the news and developments of Iran during the last year, with commentaries and analysis from our guests Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh and Hassan Shariatmadri.

We will also look at the recent comments of Khamenei about Iran’s economic woes and the latest trade and secret security deals between Tehran and Moscow, as well the view of the US Defense Department about the nuclear deal.
A review of the Islamic republic’s policies during the Iranian year of 1396
In view of Dr. Nourizadeh, last year this time, there was still a glimmer of hope that Iran’s dire economic, social and political conditions might have a chance to improve. However, the iron-fisted reaction of both factions of the regime to the uprisings of the Iranian people in last December and at the same time the growth of rampant corruption among the regime’s officials which manifested itself in nationwide protests and industrial strikes, dashed all the hopes that had remained for any substantial and meaningful reform of the system.
At the same time, the regime’s insanity by pursuing its expensive and nefarious expansionist foreign policy in the region has pushed the country to the verge of economic and political collapse as poverty, unemployment, crime, prostitution, drug addiction and a catalogue of other social problems have ripped through the fabric of our society.
For his part, Hassan Shariatmadari said that he had advocated the campaign of boycotting last year’s presidential election as all the indications were that the economic and political crisis of Iran will continue to grow even if Rouhani is re-elected.
As such, he argues, the conditions for the downfall of the regime still very much remain unchanged. In Shariatmadri’s view, the regime that once boasted it is based on the support of the impoverished, deprived and working class people has now turned into a tyrannical, repressive and deceitful entity against them, whose demise is only a matter of time.
Khamenei’s hypocritical position on poverty in Iran
As the daily protests of the Iranian people against poverty, unemployment and the massive gap between the rich and the poor is on the rise, once again we see Ali Khamenei entering the scene to calm people’s anger and throw dust into their eyes about the true roost of Iran’s economic and social problems, which are inherent with the nature of this dictatorial regime which has put an oligarch of a bunch of most reactionary religious people in power over the 80 million population that cries for freedom, human rights and progress.
As such, according to Shariatmadari, the traditional view of Islam and its place in Iran’s cultural identity has gone through a fundamental change where the majority of the Iranian people, especially the youth and women, no longer regard it as an element of their national identity and reject its despotic features that are manifested in the medieval idea of Velayati Faghih, or the rule of the Supreme Religious Leader.
The regime’s downfall and Ahmadinejad’s bid for a return to power
According to Dr. Nourizadeh, Ahmadinejad’s efforts to present his camp as a viable alternative to the present regime is based on his prediction that the current system is facing its eventual downfall as he is himself a byproduct of the Islamic revolution. He knows very well that the entire regime is corrupt and Khamenei’s camp are themselves the most corrupt faction of the regime as his household alone employs 12000 people to safeguard his dictatorship through privilege and ransom. So the accusation against Hamid Baghaie that he has embezzled €3.5m while serving as deputy to Ahmadinejad is baseless and just a factional infighting to undermine his camp’s efforts to rise to power in the event of the regime’s collapse.
Dr. Nourizadeh also spoke about the regime’s meddling in the upcoming Iraqi elections through its financial and military support for the Shia militias led by Hadi Alameri. However, according to Dr. Nourizadeh, the Arab nations still have a great deal of respect for the Iranian people as a reflection of their support for them in their struggle against the regime of ignorance and repression that rules over Iran.








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