September 05, 2018

پنجره ای رو به خانه پدری چهارشنبه ۷ شهریور


این شماره از برنامه پنجره ای رو به خانه پدری را با شعری از دفتر اشعار دکتر علیرضا نوریزاده آغاز مینماییم. ابتدا با شما در باره کارنامه گذشته و حال مسئولین و رهبری و بررسی این عملکرد چهل ساله ازدید خودشان و از دید مردم آنها به سخن خواهیم نشست و در این میان به سخنان یک مامور نیروی انتظامی گوش خواهیم داد. سپس اشاره ای به زندانی شدن وکلای دادگستری خواهیم نمود. همچنین بمناسبت سالروز تولد ستار بهشتی یادی از او و مادر گرامیش خواهیم کرد. در ادامه به دیدن گزارش تصویری از سخنان منصور ارضی و پاسخ خانم سلحشور خواهیم نشست. در ادامه برنامه در ارتباط با جایگاه روحانیت توجه شما را به سخنان آقای هالو جلب خواهیم نمود. در انتها هم به منطقه خواهیم رفت و شما را در جریان رویداد های مهم عراق و یمن و فلسطین قرار خواهیم داد. با ما باشید و پنجره ای رو به خانه پدری را با دوستان و آشنایان خود به اشتراک بگذارید، منتظر شنیدن نظرات شما پیرامون این برنامه هستیم.
A Window to the Fatherland- Wednesday 29 August 2018

We begin tonight’s edition of A Window to the Fatherland with Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh reading one of his poems from the book of his collected works.

Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh:

We continue the program with a look at the past background and the present actions of the current leaders and top officials of the Islamic republic regime over the last 40 years and how the Iranian people judge them today.

It would be very beneficial to the rulers of the regime if one day they had the courage of reflecting on their lives and actions since they came to power and admit what damage they have done to our country.

For example, if the head of the judiciary Sadegh Larijani Amoli could still remember the days when he was only a simple theological student and married the daughter of ayatollah Vahid Khorasani, who himself was nobody at the time.

Or, if Javad Larijani Amoli could remember the day he returned from US and joined Iran’s Foreign Ministry, or, his brother Ali could remember the day he joined the Revolutionary Guard as an intelligent officer.

Or, if Hassan Rouhani could still remember the day he went on the pulpit and called ayatollah Khomeini the “Imam”.

Of course their lives has not been all about having enjoyed being in power andamassing wealth, as they have also survived terror attempts and been involved in terrorist plots too.

Now they all face their eventual end and must think to themselves if they have ever done anything for the interests of the Iranian people to leave this mortal life with leaving a good name behind for themselves and their offspring.

Perhaps Mr. Khamenei should be the most worried of them all in this respect. The man who himself had admitted that he does not have the qualifications to assume the leadership of the regime after Khomeini’s death, has in the process fallen from any grace that he might have had prior to becoming the Supreme Leader and has badly failed in the test that the almighty God has put him through.

A glance at the character of the charlatans and corrupt thieves that surround him these days tells the story of his demise, but being a despot he refuses to accept this reality and instead thinks he will be welcomed by angles in the hereafter!

Another of these hypocrites is Ali Akbar Velayati, who has recently ordered the Iranian universities to research into the lives of 13000 Shia saints to find out what their achievements have been over the last 14 centuries!

And while these failed and corrupt politicians and rulers of Iran enjoy their self-admiration, honourable Iranians like the lawyer Mohammad Najafi who had taken up the defence of the murdered peddler Vahid Haydari is himself jailed for three years and sentenced to 76 lashes!

The sentence has been so unjust and inhumane that Mohsen Mirdamadi of the loyalopposition Mujaheddin of Islamic Revolution has called it the most obvious human rights violation ever carried out by any regime.

And of course Mirdamadi’s comrades have remained silent and it is best they just keep quiet and stop pretending that they care about Iran and the Iranians.

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